I am a Product Manager at Carmudi with two years of experience in working in tech. Carmudi is an online vehicle marketplace operating in 20 countries globally. As a PM at Carmudi, I focus on taking a data-driven approach to improving the user experience of buying or selling a vehicle on our platform.

What I enjoy most about being a PM is the opportunity to work at the intersection of business, technology, and design. I am relentlessly curious, and always striving to gain a deeper understanding of our technical stack. In combination with my business background, this helps me to find unique opportunities for better alignment between the technical and business sides of an organization.

Some of my core beliefs:

✔ Strong analytics + user research is a PM’s “one-two punch”​. A good tracking implementation will give you the data necessary to figure out *where* a problem is occurring. Supplementing the data with actual interactions during user research sessions will help you determine *why* the problem is occurring. I have yet to find a better recipe for good UX.

✔ The Product–Engineering relationship is a symbiotic one. Think military sniper and spotter. Good product leadership removes the guesswork from the product development process, and allows engineers to focus on creating great software that achieves results.

✔ “Non-technical” PMs should strive to develop an understanding of the technical stack, which is necessary to make informed trade-offs and product decisions. Seek out and learn the technologies that will enable you to do your job more effectively. A little SQL and Python goes a long way when working with BI, and knowing a bit of front-end is very helpful for implementing A/B tests or adjusting tracking.