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Last year I built a DIY insulated sous-vide container using $10 of IKEA parts. It worked pretty well, using 60% less electricity than an uninsulated container. But it was a bit of an eye-sore, and I got tired of leaving a mess of towels out on my kitchen counter. Can we do better?
Since acquiring an Anova sous-vide cooker, it has become an essential component of my weekly cooking routine. Their marketing materials show the device being used in any large pot you probably already have. This is fine for occasional use, but since I use the device frequently I started looking for a dedicated vessel. A dedicated vessel also lets you cook a larger quantity of food, or something awkwardly large like a rack of ribs. You can buy a pre-built container but it costs $70 and is not insulated. So I decided to build a simple dedicated container that was semi-insulated, so that it would be energy efficient when cooking ribs for 48 hours.
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