November 25, 2019

Can you run an A/B test with unequal sample sizes?

I got an interesting question this week from a PM this week, asking if we could run an experiment with a traffic allocation of 10% to control and 90% to the variation, rather than a traditional 50–50 split. Most sample size calculators—including our own internal one—assumes an equal split between 2+ variations, so I had to take a step back to answer this question. TL;DR You can run an experiment with an unequal allocation (e. Read more

November 11, 2019

Planning A/B tests with a symmetric risk profile (α=β)

Here is a somewhat unconventional recommendation for the design of online experiments: Set your default parameters for alpha (α) and beta (β) to the same value. This implies that you incur equal cost from a false positive as from a false negative. I am not suggesting you necessarily use these parameters for every experiment you run, only that you set them as the default. As humans, we are inescapably influenced by default choices1, so it is worthwhile to pick a set of default risk parameters that most closely match the structure of our decision-making. Read more

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