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I recently came across a neat Chrome extension called SingleFile which saves webpages as HTML files, but first waits for lazy-loading javascript, images and CSS to render. It doesn’t work perfectly—it sometimes includes the blurry version of lazy-loaded photos unless you first scroll to the end of the page—but it works lightyears better than anything else I’ve tried.
Once a year I try to reevaluate my “personal tech stack” to see if I am using fundamental tools as effectively as possible. Not just bigger tools such as todo lists, calendars, and note-taking, but also the smaller utility apps that get used so frequently they blend into our daily work routine. Our fluency with the tools we use every day is the foundation of personal productivity, so it makes sense to optimize even small interactions such as switching between windows. With that in mind, here are three key Mac apps that make me a tiny bit more efficient but do so very frequently.
Most people use some combination of a calendar and todo list to organize their lives, whether it be a paper organizer or one of the myriad task list apps that pop up every day in the App Store. Personally I use a combination of Google Calendar and Todoist. Working together, these two do a pretty good job of keeping me organized. That said, the one type of task I have found awkward to manage are those tasks that you’d like to complete on a regular basis, but aren’t particularly time sensitive.
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