March 11, 2019

Calculating the bearing (angle) between coordinates in Redshift

I fielded an interesting request recently from our PR team, who wanted to generate a creative representation of our data based on the direction and distance of trips booked on our platform. Distance a key attribute of interest for a travel business, so it is naturally easy to retrieve this data. However the direction of a trip is something that had not been previously analyzed, and so it was not available off-the-shelf in our data warehouse. Read more

June 10, 2018

Redshift function of the week: RATIO_TO_REPORT

A common use-case A very common scenario one comes across while performing data analysis is wanting to compute a basic count of some event—such as visits, searches, or purchases—split by a single dimension—such as country, device, or marketing channel. Quite often this arises as an intermediate need while working towards some other primary task. Let’s work with a simple example: you’d like to get a rough sense of how many of your company’s orders come from from each country. Read more

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